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About Kyle




Born on March 24, 1986 with congenital amputation, his parents Scott and Anita supported Kyle and drove him to be as independent as possible, inspiring him to become the person that he is today. Kyle is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter, wrestler, record-setting weightlifter, and the first man to crawl to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Kyle has not let his success be defined by anything or anyone but himself. He has lived his entire life striving to do more. He aims to learn more, push harder, go further—and to inspire others to do the same.

“I believe anyone can do anything.”

Through his bestseller No Excuses (2005), his No Excuses CrossFit gym, and motivational speaking, Kyle motivates others to become mentally and physically strong enough to achieve whatever their goal is. He travels the world sharing his message of willpower and the undying pursuit of dreams; inspiring people to believe that nothing in their lives can keep them from accomplishing their goals.


My idea of what a human being is capable of changed forever the day I found myself in the Wounded Warrior Rehab at Walter Reed General Hospital. I was born in that very hospital to a military father who always encouraged me to reach for all that I wanted. I wanted to follow his footsteps and enlist, but when the time came, I was denied a combat role. I decided to pursue other goals, but felt blessed to finally find a role in service by helping wounded warriors learn to how adapt to their lives and bodies after combat.

Having been born without my arms and legs, I’ve never known any other way to live. I have never experienced the type of physical loss that these incredible warriors are now facing. As I use my own experience to help these incredible people learn new ways to live their lives, my hope is to show our heroes that our disabilities only define us to the extent that we allow them to—that their normalcy can be returned, and that there can be purpose in life after their sacrifice.

You can help me in spreading this message by visiting, sharing, and donating to some of the amazing people and organizations below.